Center For Continuing And Integral Education


Education is a lifelong process. Traditional grade education prepares the individuals for professional career. However many graduates in these days can't find a job. Traditional primary and secondary education doesn't prepare students for entrepreneurial career. Many individuals lack the tools for learning effectively. They are also confronted with physical and mental health issues because of a lack of solid ground in the physical and mental health areas.

The center for Continuing and Integral Education will offer the individuals the opportunities to develop themselves in the following areas: Math and Languages, Educational Development, Computer Technology, Entrepreneurship, Physical and Mental Development, Human and Social Development.

Academic courses area

Math, ESL, French, Spanish, SAT, GED,

Educational Development area

Study Skills, Learning Theories, Web 2.0 Tools for Education

Computer Technology area

Basic Computer Courses, Web development

Entrepreneurship area

Business Development

Physical Health area

Topics in Physical Health

Mental Health area

Topics in Mental Health

Human and Social Development area

Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Economy, History, etc